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The Super Nintendo Revolution

Following up on my article about why the Super Nintendo should be your next-gen console of choice, (which you can read here) comes this beautiful re-creation of the eponymous console from the workshop of Alejandro Duque, an industrial designer based in Columbia.

Alejandro’s artfully designed SNES is a wonder to behold. Working off the North American version of the Super Nintendo, Alejandro has refined, smoothed, and brought forward those original designs to stand side by side with the sleek black beauties currently favoured by the next-gen behemoths. In addition to the aesthetic updates, Alejandro has switched out the clunky wired controllers for battery powered wireless ones, and has installed a simple USB port in place of the cartridge slot of the original models to allow the loading of ROMS.

Unfortunately Alejandro’s remastered Snes is not available to buy. But that’s no reason not to feel awed by how amazing a classic piece of hardware can become if placed in the hands of a professional designer. You can check out Alejandro’s site here.

- L.M. Thompson for PxlByte

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